Next, I found myself floating through a rainbow-colored haze. Stardust. I knew this was not the end, this was not death. This was new awareness.

As the light entered my wounds, a primordial cry was building up. I was screaming from the bottom of my soul. The light was eating me up. I was the light. I was the fucking Universe. My eyelashes reversed back into my occipitals, around a third illuminated eyeball. Pure light was bursting out of me, out of my eyes, my toes, my fingertips. The core of my inner energetic being was unleashing like billions of nuclear blasts, vaporizing everything. The energetic super blast spread from my core throughout the galaxy, and I felt that all life was freed from all pain and sorrow of existence. All there was left was this one, pure, all-embracing emotion: universal love. 

From the haze, I ascended. Everything ascended. Everything was connected, and I was connected to everything. The “me“ did not exist anymore. Everything uploaded itself into the higher consciousness, in its entirety, including the energy that had once formed me. It all went home.