Breaking surfaces, seeking depths – layer by layer. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, NYCHOS
creates art in order to examine a question that has always been with him: How deep can you go?
NYCHOS is an alter ego, created by a kid who grew up amidst a clash of cultures: A world, where
Austrian Tradition and its Hunting Culture meets Eighties Pop Culture, Comic and Television. The
visual input from back then still contributes to the output of the adult.

By the means of anatomy, NYCHOS investigates the living species across different contexts and
different media. His favorite tool is the spray can, his favorite surface is large. Questioning contrasts,
he unifies looseness and accuracy. Severity and irony. The inner and the outer world. The dark and
the bright. And most importantly, life and death. Within his oeuvre, one embraces the other. All
becomes one.

NYCHOS creates art from deep within his soul. Deeply rooted in Graffiti and shaped by the visual
inputs of his early years, his work comprises murals, fine art, illustrations, sculptures and animations.
NYCHOS is the founder of Rabbit Eye Movement, co-founder of THE WEIRD and member of the
LORDS crew. His artworks have been exhibited worldwide and his large-scale murals give character
to cities all across the globe. He currently lives and works both in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles,