I was aware of all energy, the energy within me, the energy around me, the energy in between. It was clear I had to work with, and rely on, energy in order to heal, so, I began to synchronize. Synchronicities appeared to me as sort of a language. The Universe started to communicate with me, or rather, I gained an understanding that the Universe had always been communicating with me. Sending hints. For me, they manifested mainly as visions and numbers. 

A number that had already spoken to me in my past reappeared like a constant heartbeat: 1111. During this time, I began to work on a series of black and white illustrations, which I first published in my book “1111“. Most of the paintings I have presented on the previous pages are new interpretations from the “1111“ series.  Through them, I have manifested my self-healing process in this reality. Healing from my suffering has awakened a genuine desire within me, one that can only awake in the course of my awakening. It is the desire to become one: one with myself, one with the Universe. 

The journey continues, and there is so much to discover. More and more layers of my being have been revealing themselves to me, layers that reach into the past and a possible future. The understanding of my existence has been thickening and expanding. I had the urge to switch back to color and express the realities I have been exploring.