Nychos is an alter ego. A second skin. Some sort of layer between the inner and the outer world. A permeable membrane that lets selected content in or out. In many ways, this alter ego has been serving me well. I started off as an artist by immersing myself in the world of Graffiti. Ever since, Graffiti has been matching and defining my creative mode – which is very much about quickness, motion, and freedom. It is also characterized by alertness, hiding, and disguise. These are all qualities, which perfectly match the traits of a rabbit. Naturally, I developed some sort of spiritual connection to this creature. The white rabbit became my guidance, my companion, my cover. If Nychos was my second skin, the white rabbit was my armor. For many years, I have operated under the cover of this creature, mostly at night. These were the years Rabbit Eye Movement came into being.

“Fur Skin Skeleton“ initiated a shift towards the subsequent creative period. Looking at the illustration now, it all makes perfect sense to me. It was the beginning of my dismantling process. Layer by layer, I tried to reveal what was lying beneath. Every dissection I have ever painted is a dissection of myself. I was driven by a high curiosity, paired with anger. Back then, my anger was subconscious. Through my paintings, it found its way to the surface. For 11 years, I have dissected myself without being aware of it. Funnily enough, I drew the “Fur Skin Skeleton“ exactly on 11/11/2011. A manifestation.

I am only beginning to understand that every artwork I have ever created is a reflection of myself. 

To create art from deep within the soul is immensely powerful in terms of self-healing. At least, that is what I have been experiencing over the past years. It is the essence of what the following body of work is about. What started as a creative process soon became noticeable on a physical level. To see and to create is one thing. To really engage in the process turned out to be extremely painful in the physical body. This has left its mark in recent years. 

Awakening – to me – means embarking on the path toward consciousness.

It means a shift. For me, this shift was finding my way from destruction to rebuilding.