Over the years, I have explored more and more layers and revealed more and more details. I have mastered dissection until exhaustion. At a certain point, it was no longer possible for me to hold the components together. Before I knew it, everything fell apart – and darkness fell around me. It crept up in the form of sudden, indefinable health issues, mostly affecting my digestive system. It felt like I no longer wanted to absorb anything. Naturally, my immune system got weaker over time. I went through several western medicine treatments, visited countless doctors, but none of them was able to help me. The darkness spread, and without light, everything looked different. The world I thought was my life looked very different. Insidiously, the physical suffering began to manifest itself in my psyche. Out of the suffering, I developed depression. It was an unusual affliction, as I had pulled myself out of dark places before. This time, the significant difference was that the dark place was inside me.