Bestreet video for the Ninja turtles wall in Paris with the broken fingaz and NikiB

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Video by Christian Fisher /rabbit eye movement 2013

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NYCHOS SOLOSHOW “I’d like to meat you!” at Innerstate Gallery (Detroit Michigan) starting on June 21st 2013

Detroit is one of many stops on the his tour. Rabbiteye Movement is making a Documentary called “the deepest depths of the burrow” (by Christian Fischer) see more here:…
video by Christian Fischer

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Studio interview with Nychos about the Rabbiteye Movement developing from a Street art concept to an Artspace project based in Vienna Austria. 
Thanks MTHS!!

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Mother bear giving birth video

THX Cem and Bahadir!

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Heres a bigger video we made as review for some missions of the year plus this is pretty much the line up for the drink’n’draw event at the Rabbiteye movement Artspace opening.

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Earlier this year i made a tshirt design for IONART.

pretty much last day of summer i painted the same sketch and we made this nice little Video. enjoy

video by Christian Fischer

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Very Nearly Almost made a nice little Video while we rocked London!

it was defiantly the worst time to paint in LDN cause of Councils preparing the opening of the Olympic Games. Horror for any cultural Movements besides sports. We felt the MAYHEM in the air before it happened. <it was a complete different city as we are used to it. <we felt being in War with it to get shit done. Unfortunately the Crackfox was one Victim on our side. it got buffed right on the next day may after 10 hours. Luckily VNA got Video footage of it. THX to JOAO, GREG and PETE!  Never the less it was a sick Mission and we got outta there before the olympics started but we will be back! :)   enjoy the cool Video

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