Years have been crazy and crazy years just run. Years full of crazy happenings.Cant believe that i am active spreading the message of the rabbits allready almost 9 years now. Every Baby has to grow. Today i am proud to present the RABBIT E

YE MOVEMENT ARTSPACE . We are opening on the 6th Dec 2012. Some of my friends might remember that this is exactly the day i was born 30 years back.
I am really happy that many of my crewmembers from The Weird ,the lords and the Jukebox Cowboys are flyin in to make this awsome show happen,celebrate and get wasted with me. you are all invited! :)
more info by REM:

Hey Everyone 

Today is day we announce our development. Rabbit Eye Movement was always a Homage to the urban art world. We are all rabbits but we also have to follow our white rabbit to keep us moving into the right direction.The rabbit as the street icon still does his thing and we are getting more and more. Rabbits need a burrow from where they can hide and operate.  

WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT THE RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT ARTSPACE and we would like to invite you all to our first Opening show In Vienna on the 6th of December 2012 . 

The connections between all the rabbits goes far beyond borders. We invited 30 national and international artists with urban illustration background to come together, jam and celebrate our first event called “DRINK’N’DRAW”. All the artists will be arriving a couple of days before to create awesome drawings together which will be shown at the Opening.  

Our local illustration- and gigposterhero Michael Hacker will release his first screenprint collaboration with Nychos called: “TOO MUCH METAL FOR ONE HEAD” 

We have loads of cool items coming which will be available at the opening. Stay tuned on or on our facebook page for more info.