My experience was highly visual. I fell inside myself, over and over. I could feel my body shaking. From the perspective of a blood cell, I could see my anatomy reconstructing itself, and releasing blockages. I was able to connect to the most profound cellular information in my body, which I could only identify as the wisdom of the Universe. Time and space seemed not to exist. I became aware that death is not the ultimate end,  and that life is not linear. I saw the consciousness of life and death organized in a spiral.  I could feel how life was about to leave my body through my eyes and my mouth and how my soul was about to depart from my stomach. My body was desperately holding onto it. I felt immense primal fear. I knew that if I let go, this was going to be it, I was going to die. Inwardly, I was fighting for my life, clinging to it with all my power. When I could not bear the pain anymore, I was finally ready. I let go.